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Important information about your class.
  • If you are presenting COVID-19 symptoms please don't come to class.

  • Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities available at the venue due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are just next to Hove Park where you can use the public toilets, although they are not that close to the venue, so it will be better if you go to the toilet before the class starts.

  • Please make sure you arrive with enough time for registration, we will be closing the gate 5 minutes before the class starts.

  • Please wear a face mask while not in class and maintain social distance at all times. 

  • If you arrive late please call the following number 0754 2953408, we will try to answer but it could take a while as we will be teaching. However you may be able to walk a little bit up the road and wave to us through the fence.

  • We will be carrying out temperatures checks with a digital infrared thermometer.

  • Parking is free around Hove Park which is just a walking distance to the venue, the closest area for parking is the bottom of The Droveway and Woodruff Avenue.

  • If you park your car in the Waitrose carpark, please be aware that there is a time limit for parking to avoid fines.

  • If you are cycling to the venue, there is a bicycle shelter available to park it. Please bring your own lock.

  • Please bring your own water and small towel.

  • If the class includes the extra workout after Zumba (Saturday mornings), please bring a yoga mat as we may do some floor work.

  • As soon we finish the class, due to COVID-19 guidance, we ask everyone to please leave the facility as soon as possible. The area outside of the venue is Hove Park, therefore there will be plenty of room to catch up with friends. Please remember rule of six.

  • If you present with COVID-19 symptoms within 48 hours after the class, please inform us immediately.

  • If the weather is bad, for health and safety reasons, such as slippery floor, we will cancel the class no later than 90 minutes prior to commencing the class. You will receive a notification email about this. We will also try to send you a text message if you have given us your number. If you have paid for the class, you will receive by email a coupon code for the value of the class to redeem within a month. If you redeem the coupon and that class is also cancelled you will receive an additional coupon.

Many thanks, we look forward to seeing you in class.

Best wishes,

My Studio F Team

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