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Hi and welcome to the Zumba Zone!

My name is Federico Bedoya. I am from Colombia, where Zumba began. I was the first Colombian Zumba instructor in Europe and each of my classes continue to be pure at heart.

In my country we love to party and we love to dance. Many of my friends and family are professional dancers so movement, music and rhythm are my way of life.


I grew up in Ibague, the music capital of Colombia and I was a gym instructor in Bogota for 10 years before coming to the UK. I used to work in the same gyms as the creators of Zumba….so a class with me is like immersing yourself in the roots of Zumba!

The reason I love Zumba is simple: I like to make people happy and healthy. You’ll see what I mean. This is not another gym work-out. It is a great way of keeping fit, but the essence is on FUN!


If you have never been to South America, I would like to bring a slice of South America to you.

Check the Classes Info Page to find one that suits you.

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